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Farmworker Law Project

Who we are

The Farmworker Law Project provides legal assistance to migrant and seasonal Farmworkers statewide. Farmworker Law Project staff travel to labor camps all across New York State, providing bilingual legal education materials and legal representation. Farmworker Law Project staff provide assistance to farmworkers and their families on important legal issues such as wage claims, workplace health and safety, substandard housing conditions, employment discrimination, retaliation, public benefits, immigration matters, and trafficking in persons.

Connect with us

If you are an agricultural worker in New York State and you think you may benefit from our free and confidential legal services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can be reached... 


          At our office: 


          Toll-free from the United States:

          Toll-free from Mexico:

          Toll-free from Jamaica:

          Via WhatsApp/cell phone:

          On Facebook:



General information on employment rights for farmworkers
COVID-19 updates and materials
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